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Glasses Dispensing Service

Choosing your glasses

We offer a wide range of glasses frames, from basic frames that are completely covered by an NHS voucher (to those entitled), to the most up-to-date designer frames. We will give you any help that you desire in choosing your glasses.

A common problem in choosing glasses is that as soon as the patient removes their current glasses to try on a new frame, they can no longer see clearly so cannot tell if the frame suits them. For this reason, we can take photographs of you wearing a new frame, which you can look at later when you put your own glasses back on.


In order for glasses to work correctly for a patient, they must be made to the correct measurements. All of the necessary measurements are taken by our qualified staff.

Fitting of Glasses

Once the glasses are ready, they must be fitted to the patient's face to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible, they line up with the patient's eyes correctly, and they do not slip down the nose.

Aftercare Service

Glasses often become twisted, bent, uncomfortable or can begin to slide down the patient's nose over time. If any of these things happen with glasses purchased from us, we will gladly readjust them.

Our glasses prices include all of the above services.

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